7 Mistakes You Are Making That Cause Greasy Locks

Is grease still the word? Absolutely not!

Unfortunately, many of us still suffer from greasy hair but you could be making mistakes that encourage that.

1) Don’t Touch – Oils from your fingertips are transferred to your hair each time you touch it so that means no more flirtatious hair twiddling, If you want to keep your hair looking fresh, keep your paws off!

2) Over Brushing – Brushing you hair too often can stimulate oil production. It may look glossy at first but it will soon be greasy. You don’t want to become a walking birds nest so keep detangling those ends.

3) Over Washing – The thought of leaving the house with dirty hair is unbearable but washing your hair too often is not the solution. Each time you wash your hair, you are stripping away the natural oils. To combat this, your scalp produces extra oil. Hello greasy locks!

4) Conditioning – Using conditioner on the roots of your hair is a big no! Your scalp is already nourishing your roots so focus on the mid-lengths and ends to keep your hair soft and voluminous. Use a conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. If you already have fine hair you don’t want to overload it with heavy conditioners.

5) Clean Your Brush – That hairbrush you just throw in your bag everyday isn’t doing any harm right? Wrong! Your brush is full of dust, hair and stale styling products. A clogged brush will transfer these onto the hair, making it dirty. Make sure yours is cleaned properly on a regular basis.

6) Styling Products – We’ve all read the articles about “the best” styling products that all the celebrities use. These products may suit their hair but do they suit yours? Make sure you are using the right products that work well for your hair type. Overloading hair with the wrong products can really weigh it down! If you are unsure, ask your stylist and they will advise.

7)  Product Build-Up – A build up of styling products can cause your scalp and hair to become clogged. Continually reaching for the dry shampoo with not solve your greasy problem and it’s certainly not fooling anyone. Take the time to give your scalp a good detox with a clarifying or exfoliating shampoo. This can be done 2-4 times a week and will help promote healthy hair growth.