Collagen Lift

Collagen Lift 

What is a collagen lift?


A collagen lift is a non-surgical treatment for tightening and firming loose or sagging skin. Collagen itself is the main structural protein found in the skin and connective tissues. As we age our skin stops producing as much collagen which is why our skin starts to sag and we develop wrinkles. 

A collagen lift tightens and strengthens the skin using  radio frequency technology to stimulate new collagen. 


Say goodbye to cellulite 


The great thing about Collagen lift is that it can be used all over the body and can reduce things such as cellulite. It tones and tightens the skin and softens fine lines all without surgery! Visible results can be seen after 6 sessions.


Does it hurt?


No. The collagen lift is completely pain free. It uses a warm, ceramic wand in circular motions on the treated area. The temperature and speed of the treatment can be adjusted to whatever you are comfortable with.


How long does it last?


We recommend you have 6 sessions once or twice a week to see long lasting results of up to 2 years! After your 6 sessions it's recommended you have it every 4-6 weeks as maintenance to see best results.


Patch test


A Patch test / consultation is required at least 48 hours before the treatment can go ahead. It is important that a consultation is carried out before the treatment to make the therapist aware of any medical conditions or contra-indications you may have as this could prevent the treatment from happening.


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