Hair removal

We offer traditional waxing method of non permanent hair removal &

IPL Hair Reduction 


Eyebrow   £15.90
Lip or Chin   £12.50
Underarm   £14.50
Lip & Chin    £16.00
Bikini Line   £20.75
Forearm   £23.50
Half Leg to above the knee   £25.50
Full Leg    £32.00
Brazilian   £30.00
Hollywood   £35.50

Waxing is a non-permanent hair removal method that removes hair from the root using a soft wax or hard wax.


We use Outback Gold, Depileve Lavander Wax & Phd Waxing products & systems

IPL Intense Light Therapy Treatment

Patch (refunded at first treatment)   £27.50
Odd Hairs    £27.50
Forehead   £60.50
Between Brows   £32.00
Cheeks Sides of Face   £60.50
Upper Lip & Chin    £69.00
Full Face   £118.00
Back or Front of Neck   £77.50
Full Neck   £105.00
Chin   £51.80
Upper Lip   £49.60
Shoulders   £126.00
Upper /Lower Back    £137.00
Full Back   £211.00
Decolletage   £120.00
Chest/Abdomen   £137.00
Nipples   £66.00
Stomach Line    £66.00
Bikini Line 20   £83.00
Bikini Line 90   £149.00
Buttocks   £170.00
Full Back & Shoulders   £235.00
Shoulders & Upper Back    £203.00
Upper Leg exc. Knee   £185.00
Lower Leg inc. Knee   £185.00
Full Leg   £290.00
Feet   £72.50
Toes   £61.50
Half Arm   £130.00
Full Arm   £176.00
Underarms   £86.00
Hands   £66.00
Fingers   £66.00
Feet & Toes   £84.00
Hands & Fingers   £84.00
Full Legs & Bikini   £345.00
Upper Legs & Bikini   £215.00

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is the process of using specific wavelengths of light to provide a range of aesthetic and therapeutic treatments.

IPL is different to laser based therapies that only produce a single wavelength of light and can therefore only treat a specific condition.

The Skinbase IPL can be used for a wide range of treatments including hair reduction, photorejuvenation, acne and vascular lesions.

The SkinBase IPL also features a unique cooling cryo-handset. The cryo-handset creates an anaesthetic effect on the skin surface to provide the most comfortable treatment experience.

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