Using colour protect shampoo

Everything you need to know about using colour protect shampoo and why its important.

Why you should use colour protect shampoo to prolong your colour. 

Colour protect / colour safe shampoos tend to use less aggressive detergents which can strip colours. They tend to use more conditioning ingredients, proteins and other ingredients which  are kinder on coloured hair. Sulfate based shampoo (often found in supermarkets) are the worst for your hair as they strip the hair of its natural oils as well as your new colour.

Using the same brand of shampoo to the colour products used on your hair is the best way to prolong your colour. Here at Belle De Vie we use Montibello products. Our Montibello colour protect shampoo gently cleanses the hair whilst protecting and maintaining the colour. It works by protecting the hairs fibre against harmful heat and environmental factors such as UVA radiation. Leaving your hair shinier, silkier and more flexible resulting in luminous and longer lasting colours. And its Sulphate free! Use along side our colour protect conditioner encourage longer lasting softness and brightness.

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