Eyelash & brow treatments

Defining your look 

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Tint   £19.00
Eyelash Tint   £22.50
Eyebrow & Lash Tint   £36.00
Henna Brows   £31.00
Brow Lamination   £37.00
Lash Perming/Lift and Tint   £62.00
Lash Perming/Lift   £50.00

Eye Brow Waxing, Tinting, Eye Lash Lift / Perming   

Whether you’re looking to lift your lashes or tame unruly brows, our huge range of lash and brow treatments available at Belle De Vie will help you achieve your dream results!


Brow Lamination

Involves the “perming” of your eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look. It can also help keep them in place after washing off any cosmetics you may wear. ... Next, your brow hairs are brushed upward to help pull them in a uniform vertical direction.

Lash Enhancements

Eyelash Extensions (clusters)   £25.00
Eyelash Lift/Perming   £50.00
Eyelash Lift & Tint   £62.00
Classic Individual Lashes Full Set   £53.00
Classic Individual Lashes In Fills   £38.00
Russian Lashes Full Set   £60.00
Russian Lashes In Fills   £46.50

3D lashes have a layered effect. By combining different sizes of lashes, mixing short and long hairs giving the lashes a more voluminous, feathery look. 

Russian lash extensions are applied in a fan-like shape, which gives more volume 


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